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One year anniversary and prom pictures :D
Warning: tons of pictures.

one year anniversary:
Some are taken on a digital camera and others on a disposible camera.  You can most likely tell the difference.

When I woke up and found roses <3

I did not get enough sleep that night.

My gift from Mitch

Marilyn Monroe lighter.

Marilyn Monroe knife.

That night before we left.


He was carving our initials into the table.


After we got ice cream.

Cows :D


Hah, I don't know what I was trying to do.

well, before prom.

I got my hair dyed, cut and done at Avant.  I did my own make up, though.

Trying to show the back of my hair.

There we go.

After I got my dress on.

The back was pretty.

We didn't know the picture was being taken, I guess.

Talking on the phone with my mom.

Mitchy took this picture while his mom was taking another one, so it threw me off.

random pictures:

Me with my car.

Us a week or more ago.

Mitch trying to catch Kila.

A couple weeks ago when I wore my mom's shirt I borrowed from her forever ago.

Happy Mother's Day :)

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I love your hair. Its like mine. Bangs are awesome.
And your dress is gorgeous.
I love bangs. They're quite cute.
Thanks :D
You're flippin' gorgeous. I just thought I'd mention that.
Thanks :)
hope you had fun!
i have that same phone! haha.
and i just celebrated one month of being married! lol.
Which phone? The one that I'm talking on or the one that he's talking on?
Aw, congratulations on one month :D I can't wait to get married. I bet you're having a blast.
Don't fight over money or stupid shit and everything will be amazing.
and like the ninth picture up, i see him holding a phone, that one, i gotssss that one....
and i hate it... lol