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I know i have been pretty unactive latley... Well i just thought i would let you know i am still alive! I have just been so busy!! I have a piano recital comming up and a band concert in two days. And our chorus concert was thursday! I had a solo peice i had to sing. It was an Italian song. I am still getting feed back from people saying how much of an amazing singer i am. Mr. Roul just graduated from college and said i am better then some of the girls in his college chorus, thats is a confidence boost ^_^. People are even emailing me teacher! lol. And i just got done with a huge project on Amsterdam. Well my birthday is on sunday, i will finally be 15! lol. End of the year exams are in two weeks and i am already crammed and studdying! Well i will leave you all with some pictures!!



Some stuff i made:

Well that one i did not make! ^



Some Random Pictures from the Last Couple Weeks:

Strawberry shortcake!!!

Think ^_^



My new shades ^_^

Pocky!!! Such a rare thing for Floridians!!

In strawberry to!!!

And the bag has strawberrys on it!!

Chocolatte pocky is better..



I look bad with my hair up!


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I like you with your hair up.
I wanna try pocky. blah not fair